I love hats!!!!!


Hello, I am Angie Schultz, hat designer.  I would love to invite you to experience my wonderful pieces of art, “My Hats”.


All of my creations are one of a kind and I challenge you to feel the energy my hats bring. Designing my hats has taken me to a whole different level in my life. I have connected to my innermost self, knowing I belong here and have something important to offer. Doing what I love makes me feel more alive and grounded.


The way we know we are doing our life’s work is by how we feel when we are doing it. I wear a hat everyday. Everyone can wear a hat - you just have to find the style that feels right to you. So I design my hats to be fun,stylish and truly inspired by the femininity that resides within us all.


I create my hats with the hopes that they will allow women to establish their own “self confident” and “fearless” attitude. That’s why I named my company Attitudes by Angie. Remember, its all in the Attitude!  It’s time to shine your light and strut your stuff. Dream big Dreams. Confess over your life what you want and go for it.


Today is a new day!

Send me an e-mail. or call (502) 419-3600  I would love to hear from you!

Kentucky Derby 141


One-of-a-Kind Derby Hats that Roar with Sophistication!

The 2015 Hat Collection will be featured at:

Louisville Marriott Downtown April 30th, May 2,3

21c Louisville, May 1,2

Rodeo Drive Louisville Now

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