Designer Hats for Confident and Fearless Women

Angie Schultz, Hat Designer to the Stars

Choose from a wide array of unique hats from Attitudes by Angie. Each one is a work of art and guaranteed to be completely out of the box. Once you’ve put on my hat, you become an instant movie star! You will have a boost of self-confidence, and your world will light up.

I have been designing hats for decades, and I love every reaction I get from my clients whenever they put on my hats. Seeing women become more confident and fearless fuels me to continue working hard in creating high-quality hats.

Upcoming Events

If you wish to see my wonderful art pieces in person, I am inviting you to my future exhibits. My 2024 Hat Collection will be featured at the following locations:

March, April & Early May

Virtual Shopping Hat Trunk Show 4/16/24 @ 7:00PM - 9:00 PM
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By Appointment